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We work with like minded brands, brands with a mission, brands helping to protect our environment, and brands that give back.

Creating visual stories. We assume the role of director, content creator, photographers, and/or influencers depending on the scope of the project. 


apparel photography

health + beauty photography

product photography

lifestyle photography




"The Studio Woods is easily one of the best studios I have ever worked with. They care so much about their clients and work diligently to make sure they give their client their true vision. The pictures were actual magic."

Tess D.

"I LOVE THEM ALL!!! Howwwwwww will I choose????"

Sherri D.

"Absolutely love the prints that I purchased- they are just beyond beautiful! Stunning!"

Carrie B.

"Nick & Amanda, just want to say thank you for my beautiful print. It is perfect. Thanks for all your work.

Barb B.